Vineyard cinema

Vineyard cinema, outdoor film screenings in the Sancerre Pouilly Giennois destination

Experience a buzzing atmosphere and movie night deep in the vines! Following the Vineyard Cinema’s initial success in Sancerre and Pouilly, the event has become a summer institution with several one-off dates at each of the destination’s designations. The film selection and family-friendly schedule make it hugely popular every year.

The designation hosting the event runs a wine tasting. There are food stands to sate your appetite as you wait for the sun to set and the film to start… Feast on classic popcorn and artisan ice cream too!


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Useful information

Saturday 27th july 2024
Projection of the film « Belle et Sébastien.
Nouvelle génération »

Tickets available on-site from 8 p.m.
Film starts at nightfall, around 9.30 p.m.


Voie romaine 58150 POUILLY-SUR-LOIRE
Coordonnées GPS : 47,292677, 2,952778

On-site catering from 8 p.m

Pouilly wine tasting place animed by the winemakers
Foods trucks


Admission + 1 glass of Pouilly wine : 8€ • Admission only : 5€
Under 12 years  free entrance

Please bring chairs, a jacket and/or blanket.

Vineyard cinema